Profile And Philosophy

REDC is an award-winning property development group based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2001 our team has managed some of Melbourne’s most innovative residential and commercial developments. Since our inception we have created projects with a combined value in excess of $1 billion. We are passionate about what we do and our reputation is built on our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Our size and versatility enables us to work on our own projects and in partnership with other developers, private investors, authority groups and institutions. We manage the development process from pre-purchase to completion and appoint and lead a specialist team to achieve the best possible outcome for every project.

Regardless of the project’s size, we add value to each key stage; from acquisition and project conception to permitting, funding and marketing. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to apply innovative solutions to any challenges that arise during the development process.

Our philosophy is that both environmental and social sustainability are important outcomes of the development process. For a project to be successful we believe it must be more than a built environment; it must be a social space that encourages and supports a sustainable community. Our commitment to this philosophy is demonstrated by the consistency and the continuing success of our projects.

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